Safety in business
Safety in family

The Certificate of Conformity for in site equipment and the Report on explosion protection
for companies that have zones with potential explosion hazard..
SIPSIP is certified by INSEMEx Petrosani for: Design, mounting and maintenance for devices used in Ex environments.
SIP is accreditated by Romanian Accreditation Association - RENAR - for: CALIBRATION activity by its own Legal Metrology Laboratory.
Our company is founding member of the Asociation of Romanian Laboratories — ROLAB.
Member of the Romanian Asociation of LPG — ARGPL.
Our company - Service Implementation Production S.A. offers services at european standards, consisting of:
design activity, mounting and maintenance for devices used in Ex environments
legal metrology lab for portable and stationery gas analyzers and approvals for electrical and electronical devices
SIPsale, mounting, commissioning, service, warranty and post-warranty for equipment that measures and controls toxic and explosive environment parameters
repair, maintenance and metrology calibration for portable and stationary measurement devices for toxic and explosive gases
design for environmental monitoring systems.